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We are More Than Just Power Tools (Power tools Rap)

Here at GLI Construction Services, we create our own background music for all our videos. We decided to have a little fun by creating an original rap about Power tools; it's called, "We are more than just power tools".


Come and shop, and yeah we rose from the rubble

But no matter we made it through with Ryobi and Bernmann shovel

Vibrators, to generators

Compressors to commutators

April fools

Cause we’re more than just power tools

Ryobi, Kyocera, Milwaukee and Skil

We don’t sell fake yeah our tools are real

Many more, at our store, you can score

The biggest, baddest, hottest deals

We know you want it, dont you lie

Cause when you enter, you leave a smile

We know you watch us, you imitate us

But trust us, you’ll never ever be us

No no no nosebleed, kala nyo, pero pinoy ako day

May live selling po kami basta mag PM ka “hi”

Basta gising na po kami,

We promise we will reply

See you soon, This has been brought to you by GLI


For more information or for any business inquiries, contact us here:

Number: 0956 059 9659



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