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GLI Construction Services Scaffolding and Formworks Rental & Installation in The Philippines

GLI Construction Services offers scaffolding services such as design, rental, supply and installation in the Philippines. GLI has provided scaffolding solutions for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Our on-going scaffolding scope in Manila comprises of two major areas, the Atrium and the Porte Cochere.


Atrium with 40m height and a total of 18,000 m3 of scaffolding (approximately 12,000 pieces of G.I. pipes). It's unique design composed of beam ladders / trusses, and cantilever beams with elements unsupported as much as 9m.

extensive high-rise scaffolding

extensive high-rise scaffolding

2 persons, scaffolding

extensive high-rise scaffolding

Close up shot of scaffolding

extensive high-rise scaffolding

High-rise scaffolding with green net

Scaffolding with ladders and a green net

PORTE COCHERE (On-going Installation)

The porte cochere has a total of 40,000 m3 of scaffolding with an estimate of 25,000 pieces of G.I. pipes to be installed. This design is tunnel type were works at the ceiling can proceed while foot traffic and vehicle traffic can pass through.

4 persons, erected scaffolding

erected scaffolding

scaffolding on high beams

GLI Construction Services designed, supplied and installed the scaffolding for this high rise building located in Quezon City, Manila.

For those interested in availing our services, you can get in touch with our team here:


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