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Top 3 Utility Knives available here in the Philippines!

One key essential to any workshop is a high-quality utility knife. Whether it's opening packages, cutting rope, or scoring wood/metal, a utility knife is a must have. Here's our top 3 utility knives available here in the Philippines (with links included)

1. Milwaukee Fastback Flip Knife

Although it's subjective if Milwaukee's flip knife is even considered a utility knife, it's sharp stainless blade, excellent durability, and ease of use is why it made it onto this list. This is the primary knife we use for unboxing all our packages. It's hard casing also guarantees that dropping this knife will not be an issue (unless you drop it from extreme heights - we've yet to test this).

Price: P1,290 (prices subject to change)

2. DeWalt 18mm Snap-Off Blade Knife (DWHT10247T)

DeWalt 18mm Snap-off blade knife (DWHT10247T)

Another crowd favorite here at GLI Construction Services is DeWalt's 18mm snap-off blade knife. Aside from it's excellent build, this item comes with 11 extra blades, ensuring continuous use for months to come. The size is compact and light-weight compared to Milwaukee's flip knife.

Price: P1,290 (prices subject to change)

3. Husky Folding Utility Knife (Wood Handle)

Husky black utilit knife with a dark wooden handle

Husky's utility knife is heavier than both DeWalt and Milwaukee's knives, however, it's biggest selling point is just how slick the wooden handle is. This item is perfect for wood workers wanting to express their love for wood, or just anyone interested in a different style for their utility knives. It doesn't come with extra blades, but replacement blades will fit perfectly on this product (double check the packaging when purchasing a replacement blade to ensure it's the right size).

Price: P1,200


Aside from these three, we sell other utility knives ranging from foldable knives, to stationary knives. You can check out all our other items on our Lazada page.

Aside from knives, we also sell power tools, construction equipment, and construction consumables. For power tools and hand tools, we carry brands such as Ryobi, Kyocera, Lotus Philippines, DeWalt, Stanley, Hitachi (HiKOKI), Devon, SKIL, etc. For construction equipment, we carry brands such as Fuji Plus, Robin Subaru, Zacchi, Sumo, Kohler, etc.

Visit our showroom located at Infinity Square Building, Bucal Bypass Road, Calamba City, Laguna (WAZE: GLI Construction Supplies Trading), to see all our products in person!


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