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Scaffolding Rental and Installation Services (Philippines)

GLI Construction Services now offers scaffolding rental and installation services here in the Philippines. The rapid growth of available construction projects across the country has allowed us to expand our business by offering additional services for contractors and engineers.

We offer sacffolding services for industrial, commercial, and residential sites; however, our company specializes in industrial sites. Here are a few of our completed scaffolding projects.

1. Solaire North (indoor, and outdoor)

North facing scaffolding:

outdoor scaffolding

Indoor site scaffolding:

indoor scaffolding

South facing scaffolding:

outdoor scaffolding

West facing scaffolding:

outdoor scaffolding

2. Sta. Rosa Residential Construction

Indoor and outdoor scaffolding:

scaffolding in front of house

We offer both brand new and used scaffolding depending on the clients needs. Our scaffolding is also available for purchase.

For quotes, you can send us an email here:


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