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Ryobi XR Extreme: Coming soon to the Philippines!

The most technologically advanced power tool in the market will soon be in the Philippines, and we're just as excited as you are!

Here are some interesting facts about the soon to arrive Ryobi Extreme XR:

  1. It was designed by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, the designer of the famous Ferrari Enzo. A thing of beauty!

  2. It's light weight and compact in size; it can fit in hard to reach areas.

  3. Did we mention it's powerful? Coming in at 180 N-m of Torque.

  4. It's ergonomically designed. It optimizes the center of gravity, and it has a soft grip (super gel sheet). It's one finger- mode change feature is simply amazing! Those are just some of the design highlights in Ryobi Extreme XR.

  5. It has noise reduction by using fluid dynamics

  6. It comes with 6,000 mAhr battery pack (x 2 units), and the charging time is only 47 mins.

As the authorized distributor of Ryobi Power Tools in the Philippines, we are ready to keep you posted on the news! Get in touch with us here:

Number: 0956 059 9659



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