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Ryobi Power Tools Giveaway by Vinchero Karpintero

Ryobi Power Tools is here in the Philippines and Vinchero Karpintero is excited to giveaway one of the power tools below! Stay tuned to see which of these products he chooses to giveaway: BDX-2, BID-10XR, or BD-120C.

3 Ryobi Power Tools laid out on a white table
Vinchero Karpintero, Ryobi Power Tools Giveaway

Vinchero Karpintero provides weekly videos of easy to follow DIY projects for power tool enthusiasts. Follow his Facebook page for awesome builds and a chance to win your very own Ryobi Power Tools!

You can also contact us for all your Ryobi Power Tool business inquiries here:

Number: 0956 059 9659



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