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Ryobi Power Tools' Cordless Screwdriver, BDX-2

After releasing our unboxing of Ryobi's cordless screwdriver, we've gotten a lot of requests to post pictures and close ups of the product itself. You asked for it, and we delivered!

Ryobi Power Tools red and black box. Black and red cordless screwdriver. Black charging dock with screw bits. Black screwdriver charger
Ryobi Power Tools Cordless Screw Driver BDX-2's full package

The overall package comes with the cordless screw driver, the charging dock, 8 bits, and the charger itself. The box is elegant, perfect for collectors or those that enjoy showcasing their power tool hobby!

Ryobi Power Tools black charging dock with screwdriver bits
Ryobi Power Tools Cordless Screw Driver BDX-2's charging dock and screw bits

The charging dock houses the 8 bits included. The dock has light indicators showing how fully charged the driver is. The bits can also be removed seamlessly for easy access.

Ryobi Power Tools black and red Cordless screw driver sitting on a black charging dock
Ryobi Power Tools Cordless Screw Driver BDX-2's on the charging dock

Here's a close-up of the BDX-2 on the charging dock. It's super compact, and it looks good in almost any background or set-up. The charging cord can also be removed, making the charging dock a great center piece for your workshop!

A hand holding a black and red Cordless Screw Driver
Ryobi Power Tools Cordless Screw Driver BDX-2

Holding it, you immediately notice how light weight the screwdriver is. It feels nice on the hand due to the soft grip located at the back, and it also feels durable despite the weight.

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