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Ryobi BDX-2 Unboxing: Cordless Screw Driver!

GLI Construction Services is the authorized distributor of Ryobi Power Tools in the Philippines, and we wanted to give a quick unboxing of all the amazing Ryobi products that just entered the Philippines. This is the first addition to our #Unboxing series and we hope you enjoy our unboxing of Ryobi's BDX-2.

Inside the box you will find:

  • Ryobi Power Tools: BDX-2

  • Charging stand with the charging cable

  • 6 bits

  • Ryobi BDX-2 user manual

So what's our first impression?

The first thing we noticed is just how slick the packaging looks. The black and red colors complement each other, and once you open the box itself, the all black interior makes the Ryobi BDX-2 simply pop!

Upon seeing the charger stand, we were also surprised to see that it comes with a few screw bits (found underneath the charging stand).

For the product itself, the BDX-2 is simply, for lack of a better word, gorgeous. It comes with LED lights that help brighten the surface area if you need to fix something in a darker setting. You have light indications as well to let you know the rotation direction. The selling point for us is that it's light-weight and compact, perfect for those looking to invest in a screw driver for simple DIY projects or home improvements.

This is definitely a #DIYEssential that every household needs! If you're interested in purchasing your very own Ryobi BDX-2, you can get in touch with our dealers for their prices and store location. You can also get in touch with us for more information on the product and for any business inquiries:

Number: 0956 059 9659



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