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Power Tools and Construction Equipment for Rent in Calamba, Laguna

Power tools and construction equipment FOR RENT Here at GLI Construction Services (Calamba, Laguna).

Construction equipment with a caption that says “power tools and equipment for rent. High quality, branded, industrial grade”

Our products are high-quality, branded, and industrial grade. Here’s our price list for our rental products:

Power Tools for Rent

  • Angle grinder, HiKOKI - 150/day

  • Impact drill, Ryobi - 150/day

  • Circular saw, Kyocera (with blade) - 400/day

  • Jigsaw, Ryobi - 250/day

  • Welding machine, Mailtank 400Amp - P300/day

  • Non-inverter welding machine 300Amp, Fuji Plus - 400/day

  • Heat gun, Ryobi - 150/day

Construction Equipment for Rent

  • Jack hammer 30kgs, DeWalt - 1,200/day

  • Jack hammer, Hitachi 16kgs- 1,000/day

  • Chipping gun 11kgs, Ryobi - 600/day

  • Electric 32mm Concrete vibrator, Samurai - 1,300/day

  • Gasoline plate compactor, Fuji - 1,500/day

  • Air compressor, Zacchi 1.5HP - 500/day

  • Cutting outfit with Acetylene and Oxygen tank - 1,300/day (acetylene gas refill - 2,000) (oxygen refill - 600)

Please take note of a few items when renting our products.

  • Delivery fee is not yet included in the pricing mentioned.

  • Our products can be delivered to the designated site OR the customer may pick it up at our showroom.

  • Consumables are NOT included (ex. grinding discs, drill bits, etc.). you can avail for consumables with additional charges.

  • Minimum 3-days

  • We require 2 valid IDs, and 3-day safety deposit. The deposit will be returned upon checking the condition of the power tool and or construction equipment.

  • Items that go missing or have been damaged beyond repair will be charged to the customer.

  • Prices may change without prior notice.

For anymore questions, feel free to send our team an email here:

You may also visit our Showroom to pick up your desired power tool or construction equipment:

  • Waze: GLI Construction Supplies Trading

  • Address: Bucal Bypass Road, Calamba, Laguna

  • Landmark: beside Petron


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