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How to Replace a Ryobi Grinders' Carbon Brush

Repairing your power tool might seem intimidating, but replacing a grinders' carbon brushes is simple and easy to follow! In our video, we show off how to replace Ryobi Power Tools carbon brush in less than a minute.

Here's a recap of the video:

  1. Unscrew the grinder to expose the inside.

  2. Grab a pair of pliers and slowly move to the side the brush spring.

  3. Remove the connector of the carbon brush.

  4. Once removed, pull out the carbon brush without, making sure to avoid the copper wire.

  5. Then to place a new carbon brush, follow the same steps but reverse (place the carbon brush into place, connect the connecter, place the brush spring back into place)

Just a quick reminder to not hold the copper wires as they are a bit fragile, and to always check if your power tools' commutator is clean. Stay tuned for our next YouTube video, as we explore the commutator, armature and many more!

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