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GLI Halloween Special (Rap Edition)

We created a rap to celebrate Halloween this 2021! Check out the full video here:


Killer sale, slashed the prices in half, no fail

Royalty in the house, all hail

Every tool and equipment you need in large scale

See our collection, It gives you a chill

We got what you need, yeah our price insta-kills

Be it witches or wizards of zombies or ghouls, yeah we’re more than just power tools

Step right up yeah step right in

No guts no gore, no devil no sin

Hikoki, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Dewalt

We got everything you want, kill it

Salt behind my back, you’re the black cat

Welcome to hell, catchphrase on your doormat

Walk through our store, yeah we promise it’s a bliss

Kung pagan ka ni misis

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