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GLI Apartment: Our Passion Project

GLI Apartment is the project that started it all!

The apartment consists of:

  • 3 townhouses (2 bedroom)

  • 4 studio apartments with dirty kitchen

  • 4 studio apartments with no dirty kitchen

Before GLI Construction Services was the authorized distributor of Kyocera - Ryobi Power Tools in the Philippines, we focused solely on construction management. From simple paint jobs, to renovating rooms, we did it all. It was this apartment that took things to the next level!

GLI Apartment was a passion project for GM Medalla, the president of GLI Construction Services. He designed and created this apartment to focus on three things: accessibility, comfort, and safety.

1. Accessibility

We wanted to create a space that was accessible to anything and everything. GLI Apartment is located near cafes, restaurants, milk tea places and more. The area is walking distance from shuttles, buses, jeeps and tricycles, making commute extremely easy for the tenants. To add to that, the apartment is also near Letran Bucal, a hospital, and SM Calamba, making it the perfect go-to spot for tenants all over Calamba.

2. Comfort

The apartment was designed to be sleek and modern. Compared to other apartments near it's price range, our build was larger and designed to comfortably fit a family if must. Each room is spacious, and can comfortably fit 4 tenants.

3. Safety

We installed huge gates and CCTVs all over the apartment to ensure that the tenants will feel safe in their own home.

If you're interested in seeing more, check out GLI Apartment for more pictures and videos of each unit.

For business inquiries and a a free estimate, you can reach out to us here:

Number: 0956 059 9659



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