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1st Ryobi Power Tool Shipment SOLD OUT!

Our 1st Ryobi Power Tools shipment is in, and we sold out in just one week - many thanks to our authorized dealers for trusting GLI Construction Services! The delivery is currently on-going and power tools are being shipped nationwide.

Picture collage of ryobi power tools in a boxes
Ryobi Power Tools Shipment

Our 2nd and 3rd Ryobi power tools shipment is coming in soon, so stay tuned for there are some exciting surprises to come, and one of those is the highly anticipated RYOBI EXTREME XR. If you're interested in purchasing top of the line power tools, get in touch with our dealers; you can find their contact details in our website.

For those looking to become an authorized dealer of Ryobi power tools in the Philippines, get in touch with us:

Number: 0956 059 9659



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